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Wu-Yi Tea - A Cup A Day Keeps The Fat Away!

We all know the "Apple a day keeps the doctor away" saying. When it comes to weight loss, you may start hearing "A cup of wu-yi tea a day keeps the fat away!" So just what is wu-yi tea you may be asking and how can drinking it every day help you lose weight? Well, the information on this site will try to answer your question and after your visit you may just walk away with a completely new outlook on drinking tea.

You may not be familiar with the name wu-yi tea, but are you familiar with Oolong Tea? Probably so. You're also probably familiar with the various green, black, and white teas. Wu-yi tea is just another name for oolong tea, they are basically one in the same. Oolong tea is often referred to as wu-yi tea because it is harvested from Mt. Wuyi Shan in the Fujian Province of China.

For over 400 years asians have been drinking wu-yi tea for it's natural slimming effect and other natural health benefits. In fact, drinking tea has been included in traditional Chinese medicine since it's discovery and is still used to this day! It's no wonder than that many people trying to lose weight are flocking to wu-yi tea for it's natural qualities of burning fat.

Natural Qualities to Burn Fat

So how does drinking wu-yi tea, or oolong tea every day actually help you lose weight? It's called "polyphenol", and not only is it found in oolong tea, but green and black tea as well. It just so happens that oolong tea has the higher concentration when it comes to polyphenol as green and black have less amounts.

A polyphenol is a bio-active ingredient that stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat) by activating enzymes that dissolve fat (triglycerides) in your body. This in turn speeds up your metabolism! (increasing your resting metabolic rate) Thus, drinking oolong tea regularly enhances the function of fat metabolism and controlling obesity.


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Other Health Benefits of Wu-yi Tea

As well as the natural process of burning fat, wu-yi tea also has other additional health benefits that have been scientifically studied and documented. Case studies showing that tea reduces the risk of heart attack, protects against cancer, strengthens bones and protects against tooth plaque and decay.

As noted, Chinese culture incorporated tea in traditional medicine for hundreds of years and to this day continue to do so. With so many natural health benefits to provide, wu-yi tea should definitely be a consideration for anyone who is health conscious and/or looking to lose weight and keep it off.

Case Studies of Wu-yi Tea and Weight Loss


We have found a very interesting blog recently documenting one individuals use of drinking wu-yi tea over a period of two months. The user indicates that by drinking wu-yi tea approximately two times a day over two months, incorporating a very light exercise routine, and slightly modifying his diet during this time frame, he was able to lose 20 pounds! Obviously doing exercise and eating healthy will help anyone lose weight. However, we find it interesting that the user claims that he only worked out maybe two times a week for 20 minutes and though cleaning up his diet slightly he still ate fatty foods throughout the week, just not as much. It would seem the tea's natural fat burning qualities do have significant relevance in his weight loss plan. To take a closer look and find out more about these real results, you can visit Wu-Yi Tea Results. To view other medically documented studies see Documented Case Studies.

Where to Purchase Loose Leaf Wu-Yi Tea


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Michael Sanft - President and Co-Owner:
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